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Technical Support & Help Desk

ONE2ONE has highly skilled IT and computer experts on staff, so you don’t have to. Let ONE2ONE provide you knowledgeable computer support so you and your employees can direct your efforts to business operations and development without the concern of unstable or unreliable computing environments. Whether you need to deploy new computers, maintain existing models, clean virus and spyware infections or seek solutions to everyday computing problems, ONE2ONE is your one stop shop for proficient solutions and support services.

Network – LAN/WAN/Internet Services
Does your network need to be updated? Maintained? Are you looking to expand your network, possibly with multiple locations? Do you want to take advantage of high speed internet connectivity to increase business performance? Networking is a core component of every business infrastructure dependent on today’s largest form of communication, the internet. ONE2ONE can be your network implementation specialist, whether you need to implement your first Local Area Network, to expand, to wire your network or want to make better use of networking technologies to streamline business processes and gain more value from your employee’s production. Utilize the power of your network to increase your business productivity.

VPN – Virtual Private Networking (Remote Network Access)
Did you ever want to work from home but couldn’t because all your files were on the network at the office? Virtual Private Networking, VPN, allows a remote user or remote location to connect to your network using an encrypted tunnel, effectively creating a secure “virtual” connection to your “Local Area Network” or LAN. This method of remote access is very popular and cost effective, enabling a second office or mobile/remote user to connect to your corporate network to conduct business. ONE2ONE can analyze your network configuration and remote access needs, then implement a VPN tailored to your specific requirements. Today’s cost effective solutions for yesterday’s expensive products enable the small business to benefit from technologies previously only affordable by large enterprises. Learn how a VPN can extend your business coverage and productivity.

Firewall Implementation & Support
Today’s expanding use of the internet and web based technologies coupled with the onslaught of internet attacks, security vulnerabilities, viruses, worms, trojans and spyware, exposes your technology infrastructure and employee productivity to attack. From the home user to the largest of industrial enterprises, use of the internet is key to business operations and development and should be protected to ensure network and data security without interfering with your daily business processes. Network and data security starts at the firewall level, but doesn’t end there. Learn how ONE2ONE can evaluate your security vulnerabilities and implement proven technologies to secure your infrastructure, from the firewall on your internet connection, to your office desktops and mobile users.

Server Implementation & Support
Multi-user business environments wouldn’t be complete without servers. Whether they are used to house corporate network applications, host email or websites, or provide file and printer sharing services, servers have been a core component of the network infrastructure for over ten years. If you’re a multi-user environment with data files stored on several desktop or laptop computers, you are a strong candidate to consolidate that data storage to a shared, centralized server that can be backed up on a regular basis, ensuring your business productivity isn’t hampered by unfocused data management. ONE2ONE can evaluate your needs and implement a server or storage solution that best fits your requirements, including a backup and data recovery plan. We can also provide ongoing support services or managed services to maintain your server infrastructure.

Laptop/Desktop Deployment
Planning a laptop or desktop rollout? Do you have the resources to accommodate a computer deployment or the technology to reduce implementation time? Are your computers over 3 years old? Are your employees complaining of malfunctioning older hardware or unreliable equipment? The average business should be replacing their computer equipment every 3 to 5 years. ONE2ONE can plan your migration from older hardware to current platforms, increasing the productivity of your workforce. ONE2ONE has streamlined the deployment process using focused technologies and a proven implementation methodology, reducing your overhead costs and employee downtime. We can assist you in evaluating your current hardware and software, define an appropriate life cycle, recommend and purchase suitable replacement equipment and manage the entire migration or deployment process while you focus on your business.

Expanding or moving your office? Need additional network connections for new employees or computer systems? ONE2ONE has experienced staff who can evaluate your wiring needs and implement an effective solution. Does your wiring closet or network rack resemble your spaghetti dinner? ONE2ONE can supply proficient wiring professionals who can organize your cabling clutter with attention to detail.

Website Development & Search Engine Optimization
Do you have a website? Have you been thinking about getting one? Having a website may not communicate to your current customers, but not having one could discourage new prospects from contacting you. In today’s connected world, it’s more common to find a household with a personal website than a business without an internet presence. Most companies have expanded their use of the web to include several websites or an intranet (an internal website for private business use not publicly available on the internet). Websites and email are formidable means of mass communication that may extend beyond your business requirements, but without them, how much business could you be losing? Let ONE2ONE analyze your business and develop a website that effectively communicates to your future customers and solves your business needs. Whether you’re looking for an eCommerce storefront, aggressive Flash designs or a more traditional appearance, ONE2ONE can help you establish your online presence or your corporate intranet. Learn what a website or intranet can do for your organization.

Email/Website Hosting
Do you have a website and/or corporate email? Do you need a hosting service for your website or email? Are you dissatisfied with your current hosting provider? ONE2ONE can assist you in obtaining or migrating hosting services. Whether you need DNS for your internet presence or need a hosting location for your corporate website and email, ONE2ONE has affordable solutions readily available.

VoIP & Phone Systems
Is your phone system aging? Is it providing your business with enriched services or cost-effectively connecting your business locations? Convergence or Voice over IP is the latest telecommunications technology, providing enhanced services, unified messaging, centralized administration and more flexible call management. Now you can effectively and efficiently manage your calls, call center, customer communications and telecommunications costs. With Unified Messaging, you can view your voicemail from your computer in an email-like “inbox” view that allows you to play your messages out of sequence, save them to your computer for archival or distribution outside your phone system, and with Caller ID you’ll be able to see who’s calling you.
New call handling features allow you to record varied messages based on your schedule. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook’s address book to make calls or read caller ID information. Your Outlook calendar can be used to schedule your availability in the phone system as well, lowering your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Centralized administration and a rock-solid operating platform ensure your satisfaction and Return on Investment (ROI). Whether you’re looking to take advantage of newer telecommunication technologies, extend your corporate office communications or stay with traditional phone systems, ONE2ONE can assess your needs and design a solution with your business operations in mind. Learn how to reduce your total cost of ownership by transforming your antiquated phone ystem from an everyday appliance to a critical business productivity tool with a scalable VoIP solution.

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