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SonicWALL Secure Remote Access SSL-VPN

SonicWALL Secure Remote Access (SRA) SSL-VPN SeriesThe market-leading SonicWALL Secure Remote Access (SRA) SSL-VPN appliance series provides organizations of all sizes, including SMB and enterprises with secure, clientless remote access to business applications and resources.  Utilizing a standard Web browser, authorized users can securely access e-mail, files, intranets, Web based and legacy applications, desktops and servers from any location.  The SSL-VPN appliance series integrates seamlessly into virtually any network topology. With no need for a pre-installed client, it eliminates deployment and ongoing maintenance costs typically associated with traditional IPSec VPN client software.  Advanced security features enable organizations to securely extend their business and application resources to authorized remote users.

The SSL-VPN Series running firmware 3.5 supports a subscription based web application firewall service, application offloading, Virtual Assist for Windows and Mac, IPv6 an NetExtender SSL-VPN Clients for Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux and Mac.  Virtual Assist enables a technicial to securely remote into a customer’s computer while the customer watches.  Built in chat and file transfer features provide a seamless, secure remote support solution.

The SRA VPN Portal includes support for common web applications including Microsoft Windows Terminal Server (Remote Desktop), Citrix ICA, Citrix Java, SSH, FTP, File Sharing (Java and HTML) and Outlook Web Access.  The SRA Series is a centralized solution to extend remote access to currently unencrypted network services in one seamless and simple to use interface.  Advanced user help features are integrated into the portal for temporary users who may not be familiar with using the system.  Flexible and granular access controls ensure your network remains protected.    (datasheet)

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