Managed Services

NetMedic Systems Monitoring and Management

Today’s businesses depend on computer networks and are increasing in complexity, requiring more time and labor to properly manage, maintain and secure them.  Our NetMedic system simplifies network infrastructure management, monitoring, alerting and reporting, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

ONE2ONE NetMedic works with single or multiple office locations and mobile laptops.  NetMedic streamlines Windows system management by incorporating monitoring, alerting, reporting, patching and remote access features to ease the burden on IT or office personnel and provide a detailed view of your computing infrastrcuture.


NetMedic is an automated platform to assess the current status of your Windows infrastructure and can be customized to warn of computing problems before they escalate, ensuring your business technology operates efficiently, securely and reliably.  Many reports can be generated to provide detailed analysis of system status and help plan computer lifecycles, identify security vulnerabilities and warn of potential system problems.  (download the datasheet)

MessageGuard Email Security Service

Email is an invaluable tool in communicating with your business contacts.  Advertisers and spammers have capitalized on your communications dependence by overloading your mail server and Inbox with endless barrages of junk mail.  Constantly evolving spamming techniques make it difficult to control the ever growing onslaught of spam.  The ONE2ONE MessageGuard Service is your answer to these annoying and often times dangerous messages.  Your mail will be scanned for virus threats and spam using the latest detection technology and customizable rule sets.


Combating spam can consume more time than managing mail itself.  Focus on your business operations knowing MessageGuard is protecting your business email communications for you.  Our system utilizes multiple scanning mechanisms and automatically updates spam definitions every five minutes, minimizing your exposure to newly created spam messages.  IN addtion to spam filtering, messages are also scanned for virus, spyware and phising threats using several mechanisms.   MessageGuard is a completely hosted and managed service from ONE2ONE, relieving you of the burden of email security.  The system utilizes multiple hardware appliances on separate internet lines for true redundancy and will store your mail if your email server is offline or without an internet connection.  (download the datasheet)

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